Event Production

Event production requires specialized skills. Successful event management companies like Ryan Marketing Group Technologies are experienced in a variety of planning and organizing disciplines that ultimately deliver an objective to each of the event stakeholders.

Helping companies and organizations with their special event production is what we do best. We’ll help you define a realistic goal and either find an event that will fit your needs, or create one for you. Carefully managing a pre-defined budget, we’ll merge all of the critical elements into a cohesive plan that will produce results. Our event production services group will manage the design and production of your event covering a myriad of activities:

  • Strategic Event Planning
  • Creative Design
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Logistics
  • Vendor & Site Negotiations
  • Licensing & Permits
  • Talent Procurement
  • Event Setup
  • Volunteer Management
  • Media & Public Relations
  • Security
  • Hospitality
  • Gifts & Amenities
  • Transportation


If you’re considering an event promotion, a store opening event, a sports event sponsorship or any other type of special event, please contact us.

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