Marketing Consultation

Customers and prospects have never been more inundated with information. With an array of media available to companies and organizations of all sizes, marketing has become more complex and confusing. RMG's marketing consulting services are designed to help you through the maze and create the right mix of marketing strategies and tactics to reach your goals. The process involves a studied approach that reviews:

  • Past marketing practices
  • Product/service mix
  • Competition
  • Business plan
  • Customer/prospect profiles
  • Median and public relations


We'll help identify an integrated marketing plan that utilizes an appropriate blend of proven techniques to create a successful campaign. Once the size and scope of the plan is identified, we can initiate test campaigns to prove out the theory and reduce the cost risks associated with unproven sales and marketing plans.

Let us help you maximize your business planning through a blend of proven marketing and exciting opportunities that modern technology offers. Contact us today.

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