Ryan Marketing Group Technology Forum

Join our new Technology Forum to illuminate and address common challenges that we all face in managing technologies in the world of events.  It's a place to ask questions, make comments, and discuss new ideas.   Help advance our knowledge base to make our events more successful.

Uploading Photo Images-Under What Conditions will Wireless Ever Work?

The forum invites comments, questions, and ideas on the utilization of wireless technology to upload large numbers of photo files.   Will wireless ever be reliable enough to handle mission-critical events?

Posted by bill.ryan@ryanmarketinggroup.com at 6:18 PM | 0 comments

U.S. Basketball Writer's Association Technology Discussion

Technology has improved all of our lives, but the benefits come with challenges. Talk here about the difficulties you face day-to-day in making technology work for you.  Ask questions, share solutions and make comments about things important to you.

Posted by bill.ryan@ryanmarketinggroup.com at 6:50 PM | 1 comments

Event Technology Challenges You've Encountered

Tell us about an event where you've had internet issues whether it's wireless or hard-wired connections.. We're interested in a description of the problem, things you tried to correct the problem and what worked.

Posted by mindscape@ryanmarketinggroup.com at 6:35 PM | 1 comments

RF Devices and Interference Issues

We're compiling a list of devices that we've experienced creating interference issues with wireless networks. Please be as specific as possible with model numbers and type of interference.

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